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夏の花 Summar Flower 栽培日誌 Cultivation diary 軽井沢 Karuizawa

シャクヤク栽培日誌 Peony cultivation diary




1. I bought a peony seedling and planted it in the garden. I'm looking forward to the flowers of peony. I can't go out due to the spread of coronavirus infection and I have little fun, so I look forward to the growth of peony and would like to update the cultivation diary freely.

場所:軽井沢町、長野県、日本 Place:Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
定植日:2020年4月25日(土) Planting date: 25th.Apr.2020
シャクヤク 定植後(赤花)


The young shoots of peony were purplish red. I dug about 40 cm according to the explanation on how to grow seedlings, put fertilizer, covered soil and planted seedlings. I filled back around the seedling with soil. The topsoil was covered with moss to prevent it from drying. After that, I hung dead grass and vines.



Few people visit Karuizawa because of the coronavirus. The weather was nice and along the road, Mt. Asama with white make-up was in the background and beautiful flowers such as narcissus and muscari bloomed.


In Karuizawa, frost may form even during GW, so when it seems to get cold at night, I would like to cover it with a bit more dead grass.

シャクヤク 見本写真 拡大


Will beautiful flowers bloom like a sample? I'm looking forward to it.

シャクヤク 12cm 鉢に貼られた値段
値段(苗):598円  Price:¥598(Seedling)
シャクヤク 育て方の解説分

シャクヤクは日当たりが良く、水はけのよい土地を好むそうです。Peonies prefer sunny, well-drained land.


2.白い花のシャクヤクも定植しました。I also planted white flower peony.

定植日:2020年4月27日(月)Planting date: 27th.Apr.2020


First, I dig a hole for planting.



I put the fertilizer in the bottom of the hole and mixed it with the soil. After that, I returned the soil so that the seedlings could not directly come into contact with the fertilizer, and then planted the seedlings taken out of the pots. After that, the surface was hardened and then covered with moss and covered with dead branches to prevent it from drying.

シャクヤク 定植後(赤花)


Two peony seedlings surrounded by wild flowers in the spring. I'm looking forward to the flowers blooming in early summer.   


5月31日 定植してから約1ヶ月ほどした芍薬の写真です。葉は伸びていますが、勢いがありませんね。周りの草にも負けている感じがします。今年の開花は難しいかもしれませんね。今年の開花はダメでも、しっかりと定着して来年は花を咲かせてほしいですね。

It is a picture of peony that has been planted on May 31 for about a month. The leaves are growing, but there is no growth momentum. The peony feels like it is losing to the grass around it. Flowering this year may be difficult. Even if this year's flowering is not good, I hope that it will be firmly established and bloom next year.

シャクヤク 定植後1か月


6月28日 定植してから約2ヶ月の状態を撮影した動画ですす。枯れてはいませんが花は咲きそうにありません。葉っぱは元気なので来年の開花を期待したいですね。 



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貴方もシャクヤクを育てて、成長を楽しんでみてはいかがですか?Would you like to grow a peony and enjoy its growth?




The white flower is a hybrid of peony and tree peony. "When she stands, she looks like a peony flower, when she sits, she looks like a peony flower, and when she walks, she looks like a lily flower," says a Japanese metaphor for a beautiful woman. is. If it is a hybrid of peony and tree peony, is it in the middle waist state? It's a joke that the position is tough. It is a beautiful flower because it has both beauty.


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