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お土産(もらって楽しい) Souvenir お菓子 Sweets 軽井沢 Karuizawa 軽井沢のお土産 Souvenir of Karuizawa 軽井沢対決シリーズ 長野 Nagano

極みそのままチーズタルトシュシュ VS 軽井沢タルト


Sweets/Souvenir/Karuizawa town/Nagano/Japan

軽井沢お土産対決:No.7 タルト菓子対決


As a souvenir for my important friends, relatives, and family, I definitely want to give delicious food. I bought Karuizawa souvenirs at Tsuruya in Karuizawa and compared them by eating. The two sweets are "Exquisite Cheese Tart Choushu" and "Karuizawa Tart". Which one is better? Let's compare eating


赤コーナー「極みそのままチーズタルトシュシュ」Red corner "Cheese tart choux"


It is a sweet from "Shirakabado", a confectionery shop that represents Karuizawa. The jacket is golden and gorgeous.

極みそのままチーズタルトシュシュ 箱正面


This is a picture with the box lid removed. Eight are lined up. I took a closer look and noticed that the box was large.

極みそのままチーズタルトシュシュ 箱開け

お皿の上に置いてみました。I put it on a plate.

極みそのままチーズタルトシュシュ 皿の上


I took it out of the bag. It has a very strong cheese scent. The tart is a little fragile, and if you eat it it will fall out. The cheese had a sour taste and its sweetness was suppressed. It's the type of taste that adults love.



This tart has a gentle sweetness. At first, the cheese taste was strong, but it gradually became sweeter and it was very delicious.


月額たった 1,000円で始められる本格的なお店のホームページ!


青コーナー「軽井沢タルト」Blue corner "Karuizawa tart"


The Mondo Selection Gold Award certification mark is affixed to the chic box. However, the Monde Selection certification does not prove "delicious". And it is Belgium that will be judged. I think Belgian and Japanese have different tastes and tastes.


There were two kinds of sweets inside. Walnuts and almonds.


商品記載の紹介文:Product description


Shirakabado started in 1948 when its founder, Mieko Onozawa, returned from former Manchuria when he was 30 years old and sold chocolate in Karuizawa. During the turbulent post-World War II turmoil, she went to Tokyo alone to sell food procured from farmers and use it to purchase chocolate instead of daily necessities and return to the town. A few years later, she hand-crafted viscous furnaces, cooked anko, and made walnuts and yokan. Around 1965, she started making jam using the wild blueberries at the foot of Mt. Asama, applying the method of making bean jam. Shirakabado is a long-established jam and confectionery workshop in Karuizawa.


First I ate from walnuts. On a small tart dough, there were sprinkled walnuts. The savory walnut flavor matched the rich buttery pound and was delicious. The almond tart has a thin slice of almond sprinkled on top of the tart. The flavors of almond and butter matched and it was delicious.


It's tart dough, so when I ate it, it was easy to fall. When you eat, it's better to have a plate ready.



8個入り ( クルミ4個&アーモンド4個 入り):1,000円
製造元 (株)白樺堂


勝負の行方は? Which is winner?



クルミとアーモンドの軽井沢タルトも美味しいのですが、「チーズタルト 」の優しい甘さとチーズの風味がとても美味しかったです。是非、チーズ、くるみ、アーモンドのタルトを食べ比べてみて下さいね。あなたのランキングはどうなるでしょうか?

The result of eating and comparing tart confectionery is

We gave a prize to "Extremely Cheese Tart Shush".

Karuizawa tart's "walnuts" and "almonds" were delicious, but the gentle sweetness and flavor of "cheese" were very delicious. Please try comparing cheese, walnuts, and almond tart. Then, try ranking yourself.


月額たった 1,000円で始められる本格的なお店のホームページ!

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