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お土産(もらって楽しい) Souvenir お菓子 Sweets 埼玉 Saitama 評価4

金の狭山茶カステラ Gold Sayama Tea Castella


Sweets/Souvenir/Saitama City/Saitama/Japan


I bought souvenirs at Omiya. The package of the box is fashionable, and Castella has a gold leaf on top, giving it a very luxurious feel.

金の狭山茶カステラ:1,350円(税込み) Gold Sayama Tea Castella: 1,350 yen (tax included)


Do you know that tea is harvested in Saitama? In Sayama region of Saitama, tea has been cultivated since the Kamakura period. It is rare to cultivate tea in the Kanto region. Even now, the Sayama Hills in the southern part of Saitama Prefecture are the production area, and the tea cultivation area is the eighth largest prefecture in Japan.

狭山茶は日本三大茶 Sayama tea is Japan's three largest teas


Sayama tea is the third most famous tea in Japan. It is said that “the color is Shizuoka, the scent is Uji, the taste is closed in Sayama” and “Sayama's tea picking song”, but there is no such folk song and no source. There is a folk song “Sayama Tea Making Song”, but the lyrics are not as described above. Creating a framework brand that is the three largest in Japan to appeal to third place and making it a catch phrase is a conventional marketing method, so I think it was made in that way.


狭山茶作り歌 Sayama tea making song


狭山茶作り歌では「宇治の銘茶と狭山の濃茶 出会いましたよ横浜で」という歌詞があります。狭山茶として自己アピールする際に、自分たちのお茶の強みとして「濃い味」というのを誇りにして、それをアピールしたというのが実情かなと思いました。江戸時代には、大消費地の江戸に近いという地の利を生かし、お茶の生産量も増やして江戸庶民に飲まれました。ちなみにこの頃は、狭山茶ではなく、川越茶と呼ばれていたそうです。さて、お茶のうんちくはこの程度にして、実際に食べてみましょう。

In the Sayama tea making song, there is the lyrics "Uji's famous tea and Sayama's dark tea I met in Yokohama". When I made a self-appeal as Sayama tea, I thought it was true that I was proud of the “strong taste” as a strength of our tea and appealed to it. In the Edo period, taking advantage of the advantage of being close to Edo, a large consumer area, tea production was increased and was consumed by commoners living in Edo. By the way, it seems that it was called Kawagoe tea instead of Sayama tea at this time. Now, let ’s stop talking about tea and actually eat it.

食べてみましょう Let's eat it.


Castella is cut and easy to eat. If you include castella in my mouth, the sweetness of Wasanbon sugar and the refreshing tea bitterness match very well. The sweetness spreads in my mouth when I chew the sugar grains in the castella.


It's not too sweet and you can eat a lot naturally. I ate with my kids and they liked it very much. Tea sweets tend to be too much bitter and tend to be “adult taste” and unpopular with children, but this product is a sweets that children can enjoy together. Finally, remove the castella from the mount with a fork or tooth and finish! (There is a theory that Castella is the best here.) The whole family enjoyed it. Thanks for giving.



I had a delicious Sayama tea candy, but next time I wanted to try and compare three teas in order to realize that “the color is Shizuoka, the scent is Uji, and the taste is limited to Sayama”.


月額たった 1,000円(税抜)で始められる本格的なお店のホームページ! A full-fledged shop website that starts at only 1,000 yen (excluding tax) per month!


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金箔カステラ プレーン 抹茶 2本セット 京都三源庵



値段(税込み):1,350円   Price:¥1,350

個数:1個 Pieces: 1pcs (whole)


Where to buy: Omiya station stalls (convenience stores in the Shinkansen waiting area, etc.)


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