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お土産(もらって楽しい) Souvenir お菓子 Sweets 軽井沢のお土産 Souvenir of Karuizawa 長野 Nagano

軽井沢マドレーヌ チーズバーガー Karuizawa Madeleine cheeseburger


Sweets/Souvenir/Karuizawa Town/Nagano/Japan


I'm not sure what to buy as a souvenir. When you go to a souvenir shop, you will find many kinds of souvenirs. As expected, Karuizawa is a famous sightseeing spot. Well, but you can not decide which you by because there are so many. Therefore, I would like to write it as “I came, I saw it, I bought it” in a Caesar style.

「軽井沢マドレーヌ・チーズバーガー」Karuizawa Madeleine Cheeseburger


I came to Karuizawa Hocchi Ichiba( Vegetable direct sales place). The autumn sunny sky is very fine and the autumn leaves of the trees are beautiful. Although the number of customers is small compared to the summer, it was thriving enough to touch each other at the sales floor on a sunny Sunday.

軽井沢発地市庭 駐車場


When I looked at the sales floor, "Madeleine Cheeseburger" had a big size and face to sell. There was a feeling of a push.

発地市庭の売り場 Sales floor
販売者:有限会社 芳光(ほうこう) Seller: Limited company Hoko


Hoko is a processed food company in Komoro City that makes many souvenirs of Karuizawa.

価格:3個入り:1,242円(税込み) Price: 1,242JPY/3pcs( Consumption tax included)



I bought it and went home to eat it. As the name suggests, it's like a hamburger packaging. Open up the bag and meet the Madeleine Cheeseburger wrapped in a light dough. Put in coffee and get ready. Then Let's eat with thanks for foods and cooking.

ご対面 Open


At first looking, the dough is a cheesecake rather than a cheeseburger. Well then. Yeah, good. The flavor of cheese matches the sweetness of the dough. The cheese sandwiched inside is moderately sour and deep. The feel is a little hard but it's tasty and delicious. I ate it with coffee, but I thought that tea would be better. Next, let's eat with tea.

コーヒーをお供に with a coffee


I ate it in four pieces, but it was quite thick and responsive to eating, so I cut it into eight pieces. Just put it into my mouse with a fork. In order to make a bite size, it is better to cut it a little more, but the dough will spill out, so this size is just right.

八つ切りサイズ Eight pieces




What I thought after finishing eating is not “cheese burger” but “cheese cake”, not so-called “cheese burger” imaged in a hamburger shop. So, you are a little hungry at noon, so if you think I would eat a "cheese burger", but what was this? Please note that will be. By the way, I ate it with my family, but the impression of my child was “I want to eat a normal cheeseburger or shrimp fileo burger, but it tastes good.”  Finally, I would like to say once again that “Madeleine Cheeseburger” is a “cheesecake” that resembles the shape of a burger. It's delicious but confectionery. There is quite a response to eating, so if you want to eat with a few friends, you can buy one or two tea confections and cut them into eight. We recommend buying it as a souvenir of sweets and eating it with your family and friends.


月額たった 1,000円(税抜)で始められる本格的なお店のホームページ! A full-fledged shop website that starts at only 1,000 yen (excluding tax) per month!



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買える場所:軽井沢発地市庭、軽井沢ショッピングプラザ Where to buy: Karuizawa Hocchi Ichiba, Karuizawa Shopping Plaza



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